Pet Nutritional Counselling for Weight Management and Improved Health

Like the age-old adage, ”you are what you eat“, we now understand the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet for our pets. Nutrition plays an essential role in health, muscle and bone development, energy level, and mental alertness.

And, more exciting to this: we now have specialty diet options that can benefit healing and reduce the severity or progression of several diseases and conditions.

Nutrition Can Help Enhance Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Many pets throughout North America also struggle with secondary conditions caused from obesity. In fact, it is estimated that over 53% of dogs and 57% of cats are obese or overweight.

More than just a matter of weight, obesity in pets brings additional challenges, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, and can prohibit mobility and quality of life. Thankfully, through proper nutrition, an adherence to diet and exercise, and nutritional consultation, pet owners can give their pets a better chance of lifelong health.

In addition, pets who suffer from diseases or illnesses can lose too much weight or struggle with malnutrition or low energy levels. There are many prescription diets that are scientifically formulated to enhance nutrition as it relates to the presence of disease or illness.

Life stage also plays a role in determining the types of foods best suited for your pet, with kittens and puppies depending on a higher caloric diet and senior pets benefiting from diets that address their specific health issues.

To learn more about healthy weight management, prescription diets, and optimal nutrition specific to your pet, please call to schedule a consultation.

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