Pet Dermatology: Treating Rashes, Hot Spots, Hair Loss, and Disorders of the Skin

Whether you have started to notice your pet scratching more or have found a hot spot or rash on the skin, dermatological conditions can make your cat or dog uncomfortable and can impact health. Skin conditions in pets are often caused by food, airborne, or contact allergies. These allergens create symptoms in pets that often manifest on the skin. In addition, parasitic and bacteral infections can lead to adverse skin reactions.

Common symptoms of skin conditions include:

  • Increased scratching of ears, sides, and base of tail
  • Chewing at paws and legs
  • Rubbing face
  • Scabs or open sores
  • Hot spots and inflammation
  • Hair loss

At Blue Cross Animal Hospital, we are able to diagnose several conditions affecting your pet’s coat and skin. In many cases, dermatological conditions can be effectively treated using medications and/or topicals.

If an underlying allergy is at the core of the condition, we can also provide you with information on reducing allergens in the home and limiting your pet’s exposure.

Pet allergies and skin disorders can be irritating and painful for our cat and dog companions. But, through diagnostic exams, allergy testing, and treatment, your pet will often have significant relief and improvement.

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