Pet End of Life Care, Euthanasia, and Compassionate Grief Support

Facing the loss of a family member pet and lifelong friend can be one of the hardest situations pet guardians face. From making the loving decision to euthanize to choosing the best way to honor a pet companion at end of life, these are the moments that can sometimes overwhelm.

Blue Cross Animal Hospital is a family-focused veterinary practice that nurtures strong connections with pet families and their beloved pets throughout all life stages. Through this relationship, we can better support you during the end of life transition of your pet with understanding and care.

The decision to euthanize is a personal one. We can help you determine the time in which your pet’s quality of life has deteriorated and help explain the euthanasia procedure. Many pet guardians choose to remain with their pets, and we support this decision by allowing as much time as needed for goodbyes, as well as grief support.

We can also provide several options for aftercare services, whether you choose a private cremation or would like to purchase an urn or select another memorial option. Mourning for a loss of a pet will understandably take time. Knowing you are not alone can be cathartic, which is why we offer our pet families many pet loss resources for comfort and healing.

As heartbreaking as this can be, there is support and gentle veterinary assistance for you and your friend at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. We are here for you.

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